The heartbreak cure

My best friend and I both recently had our hearts broken. I’m talking one of those unexpected, completely one-sided, open mouth crying, searching for answers and getting none kind of breakups – x2.

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Here’s why you need to stop calling yourself “fat”

No matter what our differences are as people, insecurities are what seem to tie us all together. The issues we face differ from person to person, but each one of them causes the same negative end-product. Although everyone is entitled to their struggles, and should never be shunned or made to feel guilty for having them, we also all have a responsibility to make sure our own problems aren’t inflicting more pain and suffering on other people.

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What’s all this talk of the ‘belly-button challenge’?


I was recently scrolling through my social media feeds when I stumbled across what seemed to be a new internet craze that has taken the world by storm – and driven women everywhere into a frenzy of panic. It’s a craze that’s got everyone talking, but not a lot of people recognising what it’s actually doing to our mental wellbeing.

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A sneak peek into every woman’s fitness fantasy

pole dancing studio

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