Here’s why you need to stop calling yourself “fat”

No matter what our differences are as people, insecurities are what seem to tie us all together. The issues we face differ from person to person, but each one of them causes the same negative end-product. Although everyone is entitled to their struggles, and should never be shunned or made to feel guilty for having them, we also all have a responsibility to make sure our own problems aren’t inflicting more pain and suffering on other people.

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How to keep fit on a budget

Bank-busting clothing, extortionate gym memberships and the cost of equipment, with the added uncertainty of how many times you’ll actually use it once bought. These are all things that are blocking us from hopping up off the couch right away and kick starting our fitness journeys. But if that’s the case for you, it really is time you found a better excuse…

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A sneak peek into every woman’s fitness fantasy

pole dancing studio

Sweat dripping from every inch of my pale skin. I throw my pounding head back to gasp desperately for air. I drop hard to my knees. The tight grip that I’ve adopted in the last thirty seconds of thrilling madness releases, as I finally return to an ordinary rate of breathing. I prize open my steamy, blue eyes. Who’d have thought exercise could feel this good…? Continue reading

13 things EVERY dancer has experienced

tap shoes

To all of the dancers out there, I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say there’s naturally a hidden code of conduct between us. About the turmoils we endure day in day out that, and the problems we face; all things that outsiders could never even try to understand. But what is it that brings us together? Here are the 13 things that EVERY dancer has experienced…  

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