How to keep fit on a budget

Bank-busting clothing, extortionate gym memberships and the cost of equipment, with the added uncertainty of how many times you’ll actually use it once bought. These are all things that are blocking us from hopping up off the couch right away and kick starting our fitness journeys. But if that’s the case for you, it really is time you found a better excuse…

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A compliment a day

Someone recently commented on one of my Instagram selfies saying that I have an incredible jawline. Now, I cannot confirm for certain whether I do or do not have an incredible jawline. What I can confirm however is that if I do, this was the first time in my whole pudgy-faced life that anyone had ever noticed and pointed it out to me.

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The truth about Mr. Almost

heart in jigsaw pices

So many of us have met him. Some of us have invited him over for dinner, or cuddled up with him, a smile forming at the thought of this being the start of something very real, and very exciting. The idea of these moments being the ones that you’ll look back on in the years to come fills you up completely, until you realise: it’s only a matter of time…

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What’s all this talk of the ‘belly-button challenge’?


I was recently scrolling through my social media feeds when I stumbled across what seemed to be a new internet craze that has taken the world by storm – and driven women everywhere into a frenzy of panic. It’s a craze that’s got everyone talking, but not a lot of people recognising what it’s actually doing to our mental wellbeing.

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Dementia: My Family’s story

My Grandad

This is my Grandad. He’s 88 years old. He has dementia. This photograph was taken years ago when he was an independent, clever, opinionated and self-assured man. Now, myself and my family have to do everything for him along with regular carers. We don’t get paid. We don’t get a pat on the back. All we get is the satisfaction of knowing our cherished family member is safe and loved, within the nightmare we’ve found ourselves in.

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7 reasons letting go of the dance career is okay

One day, I woke up and realised I wasn’t a cute little girl in a tutu anymore. The concept of moving out and paying bills made me realise that something had to go, and that something was the only thing I’d ever been certain about. But now, living in my own flat with a whole new life ahead of me, I know for sure there’s more than just one reason I said ‘no’ to a dance career…

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The diaries of a fructose intolerant

Lying in bed at night, the room falls silent. The pulsing of my heart begins and the aches all around my body follow instantly. The inside of my stomach tenses cruelly, displeased with my actions. I turn onto my side to try and reconcile the pains, but my body fights back at me. Running my hands through my hair in disgrace, I sigh: “It must have been the apples…”

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