Why I don’t want to return to ‘normal’ after lockdown

I’ve always perceived myself to be a person of immensely contrasting characteristics. I’m chatty and sociable, but also thoroughly enjoy my own company. I’m active and often full of energy, but also a sucker for a lazy day. I have many interests and hobbies to keep me occupied – and am notorious for finding entertainment in the most unlikely places – but I can also get bored quicker than a toddler with a new toy.

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Poem: Love Is A Promise

This poem is one I have written for and dedicated to my grandmothers Margaret Thompson and Brenda Lancashire. The love and care they showed towards my grandads Douglas Thompson and Keith Lancashire, despite the awful effects of Alzheimer’s they saw in return, was remarkable – even on the hardest days imaginable, they were true to the vows they had made. I love, admire and respect you both more than you’ll ever know.

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19in19: A Fundraiser for Gemma

Loss is a soul-shaking sensation. And coping is its unpredictable cousin. The two often travel inseparably, one looming in the shadow of the other – an all-consuming barrier on your path – making it near impossible to predict how they’ll manifest themselves within you when they strike, or which direction they’ll shoot you off in as a result.

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Club culture: Drinks, dancing & sexual assault

They’ve grabbed my bum, my breasts and even reached a hand up the front of my dress while brushing past me in a crowd. They’ve made me feel trapped, scared and miserable, and they’ve turned many a fun night out into a living nightmare. Like many women, I’m not only accustomed to ‘casual groping’ from men I don’t know in nightclubs – I actually expect it. Continue reading

Choices and change: My move to Jersey

Every single day is full of choices. Should I wear this outfit, or this one? What should I cook for dinner tonight? Who should I call about this issue? What do I want to watch on TV? We make them spontaneously, unconsciously, sometimes even carelessly. These small and seemingly insignificant decisions make up our day-to-day lives and yet, on so many occasions, we barely even give them a second thought.

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