Here’s why you need to stop calling yourself “fat”

No matter what our differences are as people, insecurities are what seem to tie us all together. The issues we face differ from person to person, but each one of them causes the same negative end-product. Although everyone is entitled to their struggles, and should never be shunned or made to feel guilty for having them, we also all have a responsibility to make sure our own problems aren’t inflicting more pain and suffering on other people.

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10 reasons Nicholas Sparks is the best writer of our time

He’s made us laugh, he’s made us cry. He’s made us fall in love, and he’s pulled the whole world from under our feet; there’s no denying that Nicholas Sparks does more than just put ink on paper – he gives us something real that we can all become a part of and something we can never forget. Here are 10 reasons Nicholas Sparks is the best writer of our time.

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The Mine in the Man: 150 years on from the Oaks Colliery Disaster

The crumbling earth ripples gently underneath my palms as I dig my fingernails slowly into it. Desperate to feel something – anything – in a place where all your senses are limited. Whether eyes are open or closed, darkness is all there is. The only sense you can be sure of is your hearing, as the definitive tune of water trickling down a hard surface is clear, while creaks and breaks of woodwork in the distance provide very little reassurance of safety. Continue reading

My health mystery: The final chapter

Five. Five years of my, so far, 20-year life. That’s a quarter. A quarter of my life spent dealing with this. Four – that’s how many hospitals I’ve been to. Seventeen – that’s how many procedures I’ve had. Nine – the types of medication we’ve tried. One – the amount of operations. 2016 – well, that’s not a number, but a year. And it’s an important year, because it’s the year we put a plan into place and decided that this health mystery ends here.

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10 reasons joining a society at university is the best decision

From the most popular Olympic sports to the wildest societies you could possibly think of; universities across the country are packed full of fun activities for you to get involved with. But what is it about signing up to a team that makes limiting your drinking/revision time all worthwhile? Here are 10 reasons that should be enough to convince you that’s it’s the best decision you’ll ever make.
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My capsule endoscopy & me

Five years of sitting in a doctors waiting rooms wondering which tests they’ll do next. Five years of receiving letters through the post revealing that another examination has failed to identify the problem. Five years of cameras, scans, procedures and investigations – and a hell of a lot of questions unanswered along the way. But today marks the day of my most recent examination, which has raised one common question for my friends and family – what the bloody hell is a Capsule Endoscopy?
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15 quotes you NEED to live by

When we’re looking for inspiration, a pick-me-up, or just something to sum up how crappy we’re feeling, we somehow manage to find comfort in a couple of words strung together in just the right way. Deep down we’re all a sucker for posting the odd quote on Instagram, so if you’re in need of some quick inspiration, here are my top 15 quotes you need to live by. Continue reading