Aren’t we all just a little insecure?

Insecure. It’s a word that’s been contaminated to sound like a disease. Like it’s a black and white diagnosis that you either test positive or negative for. Like people should keep their distance to protect themselves from catching it. Like openly admitting it’s a part of your life means voluntarily exposing the tremendous weight of the baggage you haul around with you.

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Club culture: Drinks, dancing & sexual assault

They’ve grabbed my bum, my breasts and even reached a hand up the front of my dress while brushing past me in a crowd. They’ve made me feel trapped, scared and miserable, and they’ve turned many a fun night out into a living nightmare. Like many women, I’m not only accustomed to ‘casual groping’ from men I don’t know in nightclubs – I actually expect it. Continue reading

Choices and change: My move to Jersey

Every single day is full of choices. Should I wear this outfit, or this one? What should I cook for dinner tonight? Who should I call about this issue? What do I want to watch on TV? We make them spontaneously, unconsciously, sometimes even carelessly. These small and seemingly insignificant decisions make up our day-to-day lives and yet, on so many occasions, we barely even give them a second thought.

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Review: Giovanni Pernice’s ‘Il Ballo è Vita’ & dance workshop

When I heard that Giovanni Pernice was touring his own show this year, I was full of excitement. As someone who has starred in one of my all-time favourite TV programmes ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, and as someone I idolise as both a dancer and a performer, I knew I had to go and see it, and that I had to learn some dance moves from the man himself. Luckily, both of those wishes were granted on April 29, 2017.

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We shouldn’t be scared to let children lose – it’s part of life

I was recently asked a question in a job interview that went a little bit like this: “How can you demonstrate that you’ll be committed and dedicated to this role, despite the sometimes long and unsociable hours?” There was only one thing that came to my mind. The same thing that, I’m sure, has influenced a huge part of the way I am today. Dancing.

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