19in19: A Fundraiser for Gemma

Loss is a soul-shaking sensation. And coping is its unpredictable cousin. The two often travel inseparably, one looming in the shadow of the other – an all-consuming barrier on your path – making it near impossible to predict how they’ll manifest themselves within you when they strike, or which direction they’ll shoot you off in as a result.

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The pictures I never posted (until now!)

The memory on my phone is always full because of how many pictures I take. Selfies, sunsets and screenshots all contribute to the bursting seams of my iPhone storage – too precious to be deleted, yet not precious enough to ever be viewed again. But only a handful are deemed worthy enough to be placed on the mother of all social media podiums – the Instagram feed.

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Aren’t we all just a little insecure?

Insecure. It’s a word that’s been contaminated to sound like a disease. Like it’s a black and white diagnosis that you either test positive or negative for. Like people should keep their distance to protect themselves from catching it. Like openly admitting it’s a part of your life means voluntarily exposing the tremendous weight of the baggage you haul around with you.

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Choices and change: My move to Jersey

Every single day is full of choices. Should I wear this outfit, or this one? What should I cook for dinner tonight? Who should I call about this issue? What do I want to watch on TV? We make them spontaneously, unconsciously, sometimes even carelessly. These small and seemingly insignificant decisions make up our day-to-day lives and yet, on so many occasions, we barely even give them a second thought.

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10 reasons joining a society at university is the best decision

From the most popular Olympic sports to the wildest societies you could possibly think of; universities across the country are packed full of fun activities for you to get involved with. But what is it about signing up to a team that makes limiting your drinking/revision time all worthwhile? Here are 10 reasons that should be enough to convince you that’s it’s the best decision you’ll ever make.
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15 quotes you NEED to live by

When we’re looking for inspiration, a pick-me-up, or just something to sum up how crappy we’re feeling, we somehow manage to find comfort in a couple of words strung together in just the right way. Deep down we’re all a sucker for posting the odd quote on Instagram, so if you’re in need of some quick inspiration, here are my top 15 quotes you need to live by. Continue reading