Into Words: My new podcast!

Two of things I love the most in this world are writing and talking – I could do both until the end of time if you let me (although someone – most likely my dad or my boyfriend – would DEFINITELY shut me up before that could happen).

And, after years of sharing my musings with you through this blog, I’m finally giving my keyboard a well-deserved rest and putting my big mouth to the test by starting my very first podcast!

As a huge fan of the platform (with my personal favourites including How To Fail with Elizabeth Day and Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place) I’ve been longing to give it a go myself for a while, but have always let nerves get in the way.

But, like many people, lockdown has given me a new lease of life (and more time on my hands due to significant lack of boozing), so here goes!

Into Words

Into Words is a podcast that speaks to real women about real issues that many of us can relate to. The guests will be as varied as the topics discussed, but the one thing they share is that by putting their feelings into words, they’re able to get just a little bit off their chest.

  • You can listen to Into Words wherever you usually get your podcasts – including Apple podcasts and Spotify – or you can click here.

into words logo


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