Poem: Love Is A Promise

This poem is one I have written for and dedicated to my grandmothers Margaret Thompson and Brenda Lancashire. The love and care they showed towards my grandads Douglas Thompson and Keith Lancashire, despite the awful effects of Alzheimer’s they saw in return, was remarkable – even on the hardest days imaginable, they were true to the vows they had made. I love, admire and respect you both more than you’ll ever know.

Love is a promise that says I’ll be there,
When you’re sick, struggling, down or in despair.

Love is a journey that’s impossible to plot,
With its bumps and its barriers, and roads that are blocked.

Love is a challenge – meant only for the strong;
It’s finding a compromise, when you’re right (and he’s wrong).

Love can be disgusting – they never tell you that part
Until you’re up against morning breath, and not holding in farts.

Love is a reason to wake up on cloud nine
On the days when your sparkle is difficult to find.

Love is everything – the reason we’re all here;
The only thing ridding the world of its fears.
It’s precious it’s rare, and this I accept
Because love is a promise, and it’s a promise that you kept.

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In loving memory of these two wonderful blokes:

  • Douglas Thompson 19/08/1930 – 20/03/2020
  • Keith Lancashire 20/10/1936 – 19/03/2020

One thought on “Poem: Love Is A Promise

  1. Jean Flannery says:

    Lovely poem, Becky. Thank you so much. I hope both your grandmothers have seen it. I know how much they would appreciate it. And I am so sorry that you lost both grandfathers so close together. Hugs xxx


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