10 reasons joining a society at university is the best decision

From the most popular Olympic sports to the wildest societies you could possibly think of; universities across the country are packed full of fun activities for you to get involved with. But what is it about signing up to a team that makes limiting your drinking/revision time all worthwhile? Here are 10 reasons that should be enough to convince you that’s it’s the best decision you’ll ever make.

Photo: DeclanTM/ Flickr.

You have a ready-made group of friends
…A ready-made group of friends who aren’t going to moan about you not washing your pots, or how stressful that 2,000 word essay is making them – just think about that.

You won’t get bored
While everyone else is twiddling their thumbs wondering which TV series to binge watch tonight, you’ll be doing something MUCH more exciting.

It stops you feeling as homesick
Because boredom = thinking about how far from home you are. But joining a society = less boredom. Win win!

There’s always something to look forward to
Whether it’s a competitive tournament or an upcoming social, societies and sports teams always have something on the agenda, which makes getting through a tough week of lectures that little bit easier.

It keeps you active
If you’re an average student, your diet probably isn’t the type to be recommended on one of Jamie Oliver’s healthy eating programmes, but joining a society – even if it’s not a sport – makes sure you’re doing something other than wallowing in your flat over a tub of ice cream.

You can learn something new
Juggling? Why not! Archery? Hell yes! Wine-tasting? Count me in!

You’ll gain key skills
In addition to the activity itself, being a part of a society can give you key life skills such as time management, team work, cooperation and confidence. And whatever career you’re planning on going into post-university, these are things you will carry with you always.

You meet people with similar interests
Some will have chosen to pursue that sport or activity as a career, while others will just do it for fun. Either way, it’s a very special thing that a society can bring people from all walks of life together onto one, united team.

It’s a great way to escape from uni work
We all know how tough it can be 5 hours into a library marathon when all you want is to be reassured that your social life still exists somewhere. Well, luckily for you there is a solution to that!

It will look good on your CV
Employers don’t just look for the degree classification you achieved; what makes you stand out is all the other things you did while you were at university. Having a part-time job, doing volunteer work or being in a society really can be the difference between your application being considered, or tossed into the bin. Which one would you prefer?

Featured image: DeclanTM/ Flickr.

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