20 things that prove your best friend is for life

They’re the sisters we never asked for, the mums we didn’t know existed and the stand-in boyfriends we sometimes need to cuddle up to; our best friends are completely invaluable. But what’s the difference between a good friendship and a life-long one? Here are 20 things that prove your best friend is for life.

Photo: Julie Jablonski/ Flickr.
  1. You can’t stop laughing when you’re together
    We’re talking that stomach aching, ugly face-creating kind of laughter. The two of you might as well have your own comedy show – even if you’d be the only ones watching it.

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    GIF Credit: wifflegif.com
  1. The personal jokes are endless
    And no one else will ever understand, or find them funny, no matter how many times you try to explain it.
  1. You’ve seen each other at your worst
    And you’ve never left, even when things got ugly.

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    GIF Credit: wifflegif.com
  1. You’re always doing your best to embarrass each other
    From re-telling all those stories about that time you fell over drunk, to telling everyone about the totally inappropriate things you say in private, you just know that when the time comes, they’ll definitely use it against you (but you’re kind of okay with it!).
  1. You’re always playing wing-woman
    Someone’s gotta do it, and at least if you do it yourself you can assess the guy in question to make sure he’s worthy of your main girl.
  1. Prospective boyfriends must undergo a strict interview process
    Where are you from? What do you do for a living? DO YOU PROMISE TO LOOK AFTER MY BEST FRIEND?!

    giphy (5).gif
    GIF Credit: chuckforblair.tumblr.com
  1. You’ve already talked about being each other’s Maid of Honour
    Even though you’re probably not planning on walking down the aisle for at least another ten years, it’s important to plan ahead. Right?
  2. You find yourself starring at them thinking how stunning they look
    Never jealous, just proud that she’s your best friend.
  3. It takes hundreds of attempts to take a nice selfie together
    Because, let’s face it, you both need to look on point.

    giphy (3)
    GIF Credit: wifflegif.com
  1. You’ve been on/planned your first holiday together
    Because only close friends can rub the sun cream in with absolutley no shame.
  1. You spend most of your time looking back on your photos/videos together
    Even after you’ve seen them a million and one times, they just never seem to get old.
  1. You can go months without speaking, but nothing changes
    It just means you’ve got plenty to talk about when you’re reunited.

    giphy (8).gif
    GIF Credit: wifflegif.com
  1. You’d never say anything bad about them behind their back
    We’re almost sure this is engraved into the unwritten girl code.
  1. They treat your house like it’s their own
    You’ll find yourself sarcastically saying ‘help yourself’ and ‘make yourself at home’ on a regular basis.
  1. You dislike the same people
    …and you rarely go a day without bringing up one of the many reasons why.

    giphy (9).gif
    GIF Credit: wifflegif.com
  1. You look back and laugh at all your old fights
    Did we really have nothing else to worry about at that point? #life
  1. They always tell you the truth – even when it’s brutal
    Yes your bum does look big in that. No, that last drink was not a good idea. Ew, he’s the guy you’re crushing on? Girrrrrl.
  1. Singing (badly) at the top of your voices together is totally normal
    And no one’s about to start judging.
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GIF Credit: wifflegif.com
  1. You’ve grown up together
    Not necessarily in age, but in maturity. If you started at bitchiness and school buses and made it to brunch and manicures, you’re well on the way to friendship success.
  1. She’ll always be your best friend
    Through thick and thin, good and bad, and all of your biggest secrets, you’ll always be best friends no matter what!
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GIF Credit: wifflegif.com

Featured image: Julie Jablonski/ Flickr.

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