10 reasons parents make the BEST best friends

We’ve all been through the embarrassing teenage stage where parents seem to be the most uncool specimens on earth. From pulling out your chubby baby pics, to liking everything on Facebook, we can all relate. But what happens when that stage has been and gone? What happens when you realise that ‘friends’ suck, and your closest companions have been there all along?

They know you
…And not the ‘you’ that you pretend to be to impress others. The real you. The goofy moments, the disgusting habits, the bad decisions, and all the other baggage that you take with you.

They’ve seen you at your worst already
From every snot-filled nose when you get a cold, to the ugly, open-mouthed crying after your major downfalls, every good parent will be there at the ready armed with tissues and cuddle to make it all better.

giphy (1).gif
GIF: stephen727.tumblr.com

You can trust them with anything
Parent, best friend, counsellor… What’s the difference really?! The most amazing thing about sharing your top secrets with these guys is not having to worry about how fast the news will spread once word gets out.

They’re probably a hell of a lot more sensible than you
…which means less time playing the ‘mum’ of the group, as you sometimes have to do when out with friends, and more time enjoying being young while you can!

It’s so hard not to love you
Even if your so-called friends are willing to ditch you as soon as a newer, ‘better’ model comes along, you’ll always be your folks’ special gem, regardless of what anyone else has to offer. And having siblings doesn’t take this away from you – even if one of you is smarter, or more confident, the other is probably more talented in a completely different way, and your parents love you for that.

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GIF: http://www.tumblr.com

They’ve got years of experience
If I had £1 for every time my parents’ words of wisdom led to the very best decision I could have made… Well, I wouldn’t still be living at home! Which brings me onto my next point…

…and experience of living with you!
Living with someone, and therefore having to compromise on a whole bunch of things, can be a huge challenge in itself, but your parents should have this part nailed by now. Plus, they’ve probably been teaching you all along how to be a person people would actually want to live with without you even realising it. That means not squeezing the toothpaste in the middle of the tube and making sure you always put a new toilet roll out once you’ve used the last of it!

giphy (2)
GIF: http://www.hilariousgifs.com

They signed up to this
Unlike friends, who have no binding contract to have your back, parents have one very important thing keeping them by your side – you’re a part of them.

They make the BEST drinking partners
No drama, no bitching… Just a group of people who enjoy each other’s company, particularly in the presence of a good bottle of wine. Enough said!

They’ll always have your back
Through the mix of ups and the downs that life often throws our way, they’ll be there. Through the happy and sad times that are unavoidable, they’ll be there. And, more importantly, when everyone else leaves you behind or forgets about you, these wonderful people will be there and, for this, we should be eternally grateful.

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