The clueless wonder of the fashion world

Every day, I do it. I wake up looking like I’ve been in a fight with a wild bear in my sleep, thinking it will all get much better and I’ll look so much nicer once I’ve styled my hair, done my make-up, and put on some clothes… But it doesn’t.

Photo: Nuwandalice/ Flickr.

The truth is, I’m bad with fashion. No, not bad – awful. I’m not talking socks and sandals standard, but let’s just say if I was a celebrity, I’m pretty sure I’d be on the cover of every magazine from here to NYC (not for the good reasons) with captions such as “what are those?!” and “hasn’t she let herself go?” scrawled all over my fashion-confused face.

I mean, it’s not that I don’t take an interest – I read fashion magazines, I watch modelling programmes, and I constantly try to take inspiration from other women around me. But, I’ve just always been your typical example of a body-conscious teen who’s been everywhere from a size 8 to a size 14 and never quite found my style in the middle of all that.

It just amazes me how I still set my alarm for 7am each morning, giving myself the time to pick out the perfect outfit and really make something of myself, only to wind up an hour later with a spectacular floor-drobe of all the items I’ve tried on and subsequently discarded, leaving me dressed and ready to go… In my comfy gym gear… Again.

Don’t get me wrong, I do wear other clothes other than just my sweat pants. It just seems my style goes from avid jogger to office-queen with absolutely no middle-ground, apart from the occasional stop off at my version of ‘cool’ – black jeans and a white t-shirt (I know, right!).

But why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we stress so much over something so minor? Why do we spend so long looking in the mirror rather than getting out there into the real world?

I’ve accepted now that of all the things I could be some day, a fashionista is just not one of them. But, there’s three very important lessons I’ve learnt from being the clueless-wonder of the fashion world.

  1. You need to relax

The truth, though it may hurt some people’s ears, is that fashion isn’t the be-all and end-all of a successful life. Sure, it’s important to take care of your appearance and make sure you’re healthy, but everything else? It’s just not worth the worry.

  1. Fashion doesn’t mean fitting in

After all the years of eye-balling passers-by completely amazed at how THEY can and I can’t, I’ve realised that wearing ‘me’ is the best look of all.

  1. It’s okay to just be YOU

If there’s one major lesson I’ve learnt, it’s that being the way I am is okay. Not everyone is blessed with the gift of style, and as for me? Well, me and my comfy gym clothes are absolutely fine just the way we are.

Featured image: Nuwandalice/ Flickr.

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