10 things Pretty Little Liars taught us about life

For any Pretty Little Lunatics out there like myself, you’ll know how long-awaited season 7 has been. Like any good friend, we’ve stood by our liars through the loves, the losses, the dramas, and the all-important journey towards the big ‘A’ mystery. But what lessons have they taught us in return?

Photo: melissaery/ Flickr.

To keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.
From Mona to Jenna, from Lucas to the totally dubious duo of Melissa and Wren, these liars know exactly how to play the game, and use their contacts to the best of their ability.

That some relationships just aren’t meant to be.
When PLL flashed 5 Years Forward, none of us could say we were completely emotionally prepared to wave goodbye to Spoby, Ezria and Haleb. But, as many of us have learnt the hard way, some things just aren’t meant to be.

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The importance of being open and honest with your family.
Though it must have been tough growing up in the Hastings’ household where such high expectations are the norm, so much trouble could have been avoided if Spencer had been open and honest about her drug problem and everything else for that matter. And the same goes for Aria when she found out about her dad’s affair. Which brings us onto our next lesson… 

That the right choice isn’t always the easiest one.
This can be summarised in just one simple (yet complicated) letter – ‘A’.

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To always follow your dreams.
…and that if one dream fails, you have to move on and find a new one. Emily lost her dream of being a swimmer, which must have been so hard to deal with. But, like the rest of the liars, she was back up on her feet and searching for happiness elsewhere (*cough* Paige *cough*) before we even had time to wipe away our tears. 

That everyone has their own unique problems to deal with.
For such a small town, Rosewood sure does have its fair share of problems! Like the way Mrs DiLaurentis knew all along that Charlotte was her daughter (or was she?). Like the way Alison, despite all the drama she caused, was just scared and desperate for help. From PLL, we learnt that no matter what you’re going through yourself, you have to be there for those around you too.

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That true friends will always be there for you – no matter what.
Through parents separating, drug problems, failed relationships, and regardless of sexuality, secrets and some sometimes questionable life choices, these liars love and care for one another unconditionally (I mean, who else would go to prison for their best friend?!).

To never judge a book by its cover.
Remember back in Season 1 when we all convinced that Toby was ‘A’? It seemed so easy to believe that such an introverted, unusual character could be the centre of all the liars’ chaos, but looking back, don’t you just feel so bad? #WeLoveToby

GIF Credit: me-inpassing.tumblr.com

That mental health is a real and serious issue.
It’s easy for us to sit here now still holding grudges about what CeCe/Charlotte/Charles put our favourite girls through for all of their high school years, but let’s just get one thing straight: if Mr and Mrs D had been better parents and worked towards resolving Charles’ mental health issues instead of selfishly abandoning him, maybe none of this would have happened.

To always get back up.
Through all of their knockbacks, there’s one bold lesson the liars taught us – you should always get back up. Aria struggled to find a compromise when it came to her beloved Ezra, while dealing with her parents break up, Spencer got sent to Radley, Emily has become almost tolerant to losing those she loves most (Alison, Maya, Talia, Paige, her father), and Hanna’s ups and downs with Caleb, her dad, and Detective Wilden would be enough to send any sane girl over the edge. These girls are brave. These girls are tough. And these girls will continue to teach us some incredibly valuable life lessons as our Pretty Little Liars journey continues…

Featured image: melissaery/ Flickr.


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