The truth about Mr. Nice Guy

It must really suck being Mr. Nice Guy sometimes. To see women everywhere expressing their desire for a true gentleman who will hold an umbrella over their head in the rain and carry them through puddles, only to fall boobs over brain for some jerk who will steal their shelter and throw them to the dirt just moments later.

Photo: Kumar’s Edit/ Flickr.

I mean, how hard must it be to remain a sweet and caring guy, when all the evidence around you suggests that being an A-hole will win you the girl? I’m sure if I had come in second to Mr. Wrong one too many times, I too would bitterly strip off the Prince Charming act, lose my patience, and walk away.

And then, it’s Mr. Nice Guy who’s expected to pick up the pieces. To be the shoulder to cry on when it all comes crashing down, listening to the same broken record about how “all men are the same”, while remaining chained to the cold walls of the friend-zone.

But why do so many women do it? Why do we sacrifice potential happiness and friendship with someone who is worth so much of our time, for insecurity and uncertainty with someone who isn’t? I get it: predictability is boring, and danger isn’t always a bad thing, but there’s a big difference between taking your breath away, and cutting the oxygen all together.

The truth is, if you want a guy to open doors for you, why choose someone who is guaranteed to slam it in your face? If you want someone to be your other half and your best friend rolled into one, why be with someone who only cares for themselves? We can’t expect more of someone than we are willing to give, and we certainly can’t expect someone to buy us roses if we’re only going to stab them in the back with the thorns.

Relationships are never quite as plain sailing as the movies would have us believe, and things are never, ever going to be perfect – even Mr. Nice Guy will get himself in a tangle and get it wrong sometimes. He might forget your birthday, or overcook dinner, or even leave the toilet seat up (God forbid!). But if all that means having your umbrella held, and being carried through the many puddles that life puts in our way, it sure as hell is worth the occasional splash of dirt to have a Mr. Nice Guy in your life.

Featured image: Kumar’s Edit/ Flickr.

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