The truth about Mr. Almost

So many of us have met him. Some of us have invited him over for dinner, or cuddled up with him, a smile forming at the thought of this being the start of something very real, and very exciting. The idea of these moments being the ones that you’ll look back on in the years to come fills you up completely, until you realise: it’s only a matter of time…

heart in jigsaw pices
Photo: Horia Varlan/ Flickr.

I’m talking about Mr. Almost. The unexpected romance that blossomed out of nowhere, and ended before it even had time to begin. The relationship that seemed to hold so much promise, and yet…

And yet…

I met my Mr. Almost a couple of months ago under very unusual circumstances. He: an attractive, ambitious and very charming young man knocking at my door asking if I had any plastic cups (I know, right). Me: a hungover mess lolling around in my pants and a bright yellow t-shirt. I hadn’t even washed my hair or brushed my teeth, let alone had time to scrub off the streaks of fake tan that I sported on my legs, a result of the wild night before.

It really is a miracle that I managed to scoop up any charm at all that might have encouraged him to see me again, but somehow I did. And we did see each other again. A lot. In fact, we saw each other so much you could almost argue things were moving far too fast for someone so young and so unprepared for a new relationship.

We lived fairly close to one another, and so we spent nights in cooking together, or watching our favourite TV shows, or going out for a drive. You know, all the things that give you the tingles at the time but make you feel grossed out as an outsider looking in.

As far as I could tell, things seemed to be going swimmingly. We got along, we had a lot in common, and we were both absolutely nuts! But, I knew something wasn’t right. I could just tell that maybe he wasn’t into ‘us’ quite as much as I was (…I blame the yellow tee and striped legs!!).

After much conversation, I got it. He was quite a few years older than me. He was soon moving away. He was about to start a tough and tiring job in the real world, while I still (luckily) had two more years of university life (a.k.a. more yellow t-shirt/greasy hair/messy fake tan/hungover time!). Despite my best efforts at the whole “we can make this work” chat, I knew deep down we couldn’t.

Things didn’t work out with my Mr. Almost, but that’s okay!

I think it’s an important lesson to learn in life that sometimes, no matter how crushing it is, two people can just be in two very different chapters of their lives and just aren’t right for one another. It doesn’t have to be that he treated you badly, or kept forgetting to put the damn toilet seat down or something crazy like that. Sometimes, for whatever reason it just isn’t meant to be.

There’s a famous quote that says: “Sometimes life doesn’t give you what you want, but what you need”. True.

I learnt a lot from my Mr. Almost. I learned that in order to know what you really want, you shouldn’t rush anything; you have all the time in the world and you should definitely take advantage of it. I learned that sometimes maybe on the roller-coaster ride that life is, you were destined to find a good friend in that special person, rather than a relationship, and that isn’t always a bad thing.

But, the most important lesson of all that I learnt from Mr. Almost 2015 is that despite all the effort I make, and how hard I try sometimes, I’ve sure as hell still got that all important charm when I’m sitting in my pants, in a mess, and desperately in need of a shower!

Featured image: Horia Varlan/ Flickr.

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