Here’s what men REALLY think about your body

The age old question – what do men really think about your body? Surely we’ve all experienced the uneasy moment when you catch eyes with that certain ‘type’ of the male species from across the bar, or on the dance floor, vodka orange in one hand and a bag of nerves creating a slight shake in the other…

question marks
Photo: Oberazzi/ Flickr.

It’s always a challenge to analyse the meaning behind that well-thought-out look, isn’t it? A great appreciation for your image? Or the slightest insight into the internal step-by-step instruction guide, developed from experience, to win you over in exchange for ‘lad points’? (If you’re reading this boys, stick to your education. NOTE: ‘pulling birds’ may earn you a high five, but not a career).

It pains me to be the outsider looking in through the unbreakable glass of these situations, as I always seem to be, the nosey journo that I am. I can’t stand to see a beautiful, perhaps self-conscious, young woman completely flattered that she’s been lucky enough to catch the eye of Mr-Know-It-All with his mates egging him on.

Any takers to invent some lie-detector goggles for those most in need? If you don’t, I know I will!

Come on girls, we’re special! Our bodies are worth more than to simply be the subjects of careless ‘window shopping’ by such try-hards, with their gentlemanly costumes that we can all see through.

So, what should you do? Well, it all starts here.

Next time you’re off out –stop. Think. Who are you dolling yourself up for? Yourself? Or someone who won’t care who you are by the time the next offer comes along?

You can’t please everyone – you shouldn’t have to! And you certainly shouldn’t waste hour after hour trawling through your endless supply of dresses and heals trying to tailor yourself to the tastes of people who, in the grand scheme of things, don’t really matter.

What I say is this. If you love how you look, keep it. If you don’t, change it. But the most important thing is you have the power to do, and be, whatever you want. Forget everyone else. And when the right person does come along, you know for sure they’ll be giving you that ‘look’ whether you’re all dressed up, or rolling around in your PJ’s.

What do men REALLY think about your body?

Well, ultimately I think it comes down to just one thing: what the hell does it matter?

Featured image: Oberazzi/ Flickr.

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