A sneak peek into every woman’s fitness fantasy

Sweat dripping from every inch of my pale skin. I throw my pounding head back to gasp desperately for air. I drop hard to my knees. The tight grip that I’ve adopted in the last thirty seconds of thrilling madness releases, as I finally return to an ordinary rate of breathing. I prize open my steamy, blue eyes. Who’d have thought exercise could feel this good…?

pole dancing studio
The pole fitness studio at Vertical Energy.

If you didn’t know any differently, I’m sure you’d be almost convinced that this is the beginning of some epic sex novel. Well, I hate to disappoint! But this is actually much better than that. This is my first-hand perception of what every woman has (secretly) wanted to try for years. This is the truth. This is my story. This is a secret, from me to you, about my first ever pole dancing class…

The reason

Many women, like myself, are constantly on the lookout with eager eyes for the latest fitness fix that is sure to flash the pounds away without the unwanted stress of hunger, luxury prevention and achy muscles.

Unfortunately, getting into shape generally implies that some kind of compromise will be involved, but this can be achieved without separating yourself from your greatest pleasures (again, no sex pun intended).

The class

So there I was: limited upper-body strength, a belly full of nerves and absolutely NO sex appeal. Not exactly the best starter pack, especially when the instructor’s legs were like elastic bands, and her body more toned than I could ever dream of being. However, I was pleasantly surprised.

The exercises were all skilfully structured to improving the strength of arms and core – something that became

becky lancashire
My face just says it all!

evident when I woke up the morning after – ouch! And although at first I would simply flop to the floor like a lead weight, throughout the 90 minute class my strength and confidence improved allowing me to try more advanced movements.

And confidence is most definitely a vital role in the process of fitness motivation. If you believe you can do something, and you want it enough, you can do anything! And as for pole dancing… Well, I felt the benefit from that one class alone.

The lesson

becky lancashire
I mastered it eventually… Sort of!

There’s only so many times you can jog the same route, or roll your eyes at the figures on the cross trainer before you’ll become bored and eventually give up – something I’m sure no fitness hopeful is willing to do. Pole fitness is something a

little different and is for anyone and everyone. You don’t have to be toned, tiny and tough to begin with, but you’re sure to leave your classes feeling all of the above and more. Yes, it did hurt a little. And yes, it can be slightly awkward at first. But if I’m perfectly honest, after my first pole fitness session, I can safely say that exercise has never been this fun!

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