From hourglass to apple: No woman has it easy

As an hourglass girl myself, I often fall into the trap of assuming that my body type is the only one that is tough to shop for and sometimes difficult to love. Mainly because I’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing a figure different to my own, but after speaking to real women who have, I learnt that I’m not alone in my on-going battles with body-consciousness…


aDanielle (24)
“I like being what I would call a traditional ‘womanly shape’ as I like 50’s pin up style clothes and I think these suit my shape. Because I have this quite specific style I know what I’m shopping for, but I do find it difficult to pull off more casual clothes – I have to belt a lot of things to show that I go in at the middle and I’m not just fat! I did spend a long time believing that I was fat because I wasn’t skinny. Growing up, it was hard and did affect my confidence, so it’s taken me a long time to accept my natural shape and embrace it. I don’t think I’ll ever be 100% happy with my body but I think most people would say that. I think I’ve just learnt what suits me and learnt how to dress to emphasise the parts I do like, and disguise the parts I don’t.”


bHelen (21)
“I like being able to wear heels and feel taller and I like being able to wear bodycon dresses and tops as they make me feel confident. Sometimes, I dislike my legs as I get quite self-conscious about how skinny they look when wearing shorts or dresses, and I don’t appreciate peoples comments telling me how skinny I am, and saying ‘You need to get a good meal down you or eat a burger’. To me, I find that rude and offensive, just like someone saying ‘Look how fat you are, you should go on a diet’. I eat just like any normal person does, this is just how I am!”


cNaomi (39)
“I like my legs – I think they are my one redeeming feature because they are relatively long for someone so small and the only bit of me that stays slim(ish). I dislike my boobs and stomach as I look permanently matronly or pregnant and I struggled with this even before I had kids. Nothing fits properly – my waist is around a size 14 whereas my hips are about a size 10, so I end up buying low-waisted size 12 jeans and having a baggy bum. And I do have to buy the low-waisted ones otherwise I have a muffin top! So I avoid shopping pretty much at all costs and live in jeans and scoop neck tops. If I could choose another body type I would choose the hourglass as it seems more in proportion”.


dJoanna (33)

“I don’t think it’s just teenage girls who struggle to accept what they look like. I’d just got to know what to buy and wear so that I felt happier about how I looked, then I fell pregnant and my body completely changed. There isn’t a lot I like about my body – I can never wear tighter clothing as I’m too embarrassed so I try to cover up. Shopping for jeans is difficult as I have short legs and need 36 waist/hips and 30 leg. I have never been able to be fashionable and can only buy dresses that hold their own shape. I can’t, for example, wear a maxi dress or a bodycon dress that needs me to fill the shape – I look like Mrs. Doubtfire underneath, trying to mould my body to be a different shape! I do like being curvy, but I just wish I didn’t have such a big bum and thighs!”


bImogen (19)
“At 175cm tall, I find having long legs a huge benefit of being tall and slim, as well as having a flat stomach. However I sometimes look giant next to my friends, and I often can’t find clothes that fit my figure nicely. If I could have another body type, I would probably want an hourglass figure as I don’t like it when people make comments about how  ‘skinny’ I am, even if it isn’t meant to be mean. I hear things like ‘Skinny girls are like jeans with no pockets… Where do you put your hands?’ and I think that’s inappropriate. People forget that people have souls and personalities and that’s what counts. I think everyone should be allowed to feel beautiful in their own skin no matter how they look”.

Featured image: Chris Zúniga/ Flickr.

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